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Education products and services address saving lives and property on all US campus operations from nursery schools to colleges and universities. The EMTEL RESPOND® systems address emergency notifications to students, faculty, security, maintenance, health services, transportation, and associated police agencies while providing communications for all administrative activities. The RESPOND® technologies when installed on any school campus
will contact all persons threatened by any hazard on thirteen different communication conveyances.

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Scenario Examples

  • Targeted FM Broadcast to all building including classroom, administration, dormitories, student centers, sporting facilities and others
  • Automated siren activation to exterior horns and other audible alerts
  • Notification on land line and cell phones with real-time feedback
  • Push Button Activation of all responders automatically with emergency messaging
  • Activation of Fire Alarms and Intercom/Paging Systems
  • Notification of Hearing Impaired
  • E-mail to all those entered into the campus data base
  • Activation of Campus Electronic Signs with Emergency Information
  • Activation of Any Associated Pager System
  • Evacuation Compliance Surveys in Real Time
  • Post Event Damage Assessment Surveys 
  • Sexual Offender School Proximity Tracking and Notification 
  • Food Poisoning Notifications
  • Severe Weather Alerts
  • Web-Based Emergency Collaboration and Training
  • Numerous School Related Solutions.