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Telemedical products and services were designed to support municipal, county, state and federal departments of health and hospital systems to address natural and man made hazards which threaten the health of the American and international public.

RESPOND® Telemedical services address terrorism and the natural spread of disease by providing high speed telecommunications for health officials, health responders and notification and quarantine services for the general public.

Featured Product

DotReliable, Portable, Affordable, High-Speed, Emergency Notification System
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DotBioHazard Detection System
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DotAutomated Atmospheric Hazard Dispersion Tracking & Notification System
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DotBio/Chemical Terrorism Mobile Hospital & Surgery
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DotSecure Web Based Geographic Interactive Notification System
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DotWeb Based Emergency Mitigation Operations & Recovery Collaboration Network
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DotScenario Driven Automated Responder Notification System
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DotCommunication Devices for Hearing Impaired
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Scenario Examples

  • Anthrax and other bio-hazard notifications and quarantine
  • Automated push button activation of health responders
  • Surveys for antibiotics and other medicines and health services
  • Nurse and doctor call-out and mobilization
  • Activation of mobile hospital and command center
  • Public inoculation notification
  • Public notification of population for polluted potable water or tainted food stores
  • Mobilization of hospitals and medical support assets
  • Health mitigation collaboration on secure internet systems
  • Hearing Impair Alert & Notification
  • Medical worker profiles and certifications
  • Automated health notices and electronic training
  • Detection of bio-chemical hazards in potable water supply
  • Tracking and Notification for Airborne Bio-Hazard utilizing
    3-D Plume Modeling.