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Respond - Emergency Management Telecommunications System

Sensor, Notification, and Delivery SystemsThe RESPOND® suite of products consists of twenty-eight solutions that address emergency management telecommunications. The products are functionally divided into a triad consisting of Sensor Systems, Notification Systems and Delivery Conveyances. The sensor systems address both man made and natural hazards. The sensor system integrate with other external sensors, 911 and emergency agency communications to provide the hazard detection and identification capability necessary to address any emergency situation.

The notification solutions are geo-graphical packages that store unlimited layers of critical data that can be accessed to expedite communications in real time. The delivery systems include but are not limited to: Land Phone, Cell Phone, TDD, E-mail, FAX, Internet Collaboration, Web Site, Pager, Cell SMS Broadcast, FM Broadcast, Radio Frequency, Siren and Paging Systems.

Mitigation, Emergency, and Recovery SytemsThe RESPOND® product suite addresses Mitigation Strategy, Emergency Operations, and Recovery Support which makes up the Product Utilization Triad. A sophisticated collaboration network coupled with compliance surveys support mitigation while numerous geo-coded notification and tracking systems support real time operations. Recovery is assisted via very sophisticated Damage Assessment Routines, Collaboration Communications and other RESPOND® telecommunication assets. The three functional parts of the RESPOND® model are shown below.

Notice that the geo-coded mapping is the key to fast and reliable data access (picture below). Responders are notified by a push button notification capability that calls them on thirteen (13) potential telecommunication devices that are pre-programmed into the system. The general public is called by selecting an area on the map with a graphics tool and entering a message via a voice recorder. The RESPOND® system provides graphical REAL TIME FEEDBACK on every call and displays it on the geo-coded map.

Respond Suite