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AutoCon911 - Automated One-Touch Phone Conferencing System

AutoCon911™ is a technology that will provide automatic conferencing of public officials or corporate executives by simply pressing a button on the AutoCon911™ PyrAlert911™ command console. Autocon911™ will automatically bridge all of the attendees on the pre-programmed call button for immediate conferencing. Attendees can also be selected “on the fly” from a master member data base. Since speed is a requisite to saving lives during a hazardous event, AutoCon911™ can provide the first step in affecting management response and control of the incident.

When an emergency occurs, communication between emergency management officials is crucial to maximizing public safety and responding to hazard effects in time to make the difference. AutoCon911™ will automatically call emergency managers and/or responders and link the calls to a phone bridge by simply pressing one button which is identified by a hazard scenario name. Numerous hazard scenarios can be pre-defined and contact lists preprogrammed to enhance notification speeds. Lists can also be generated in real time from a personnel menu to address emergencies not pre-defined or anticipated. AutoCon911™ When Conferencing is Critical.

  • Push Button Touch Screen Group Conferencing
  • Real Time Feedback on Attendance
  • Wireless activation

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AutoCon911 - Automated One-Touch Phone Conferencing System