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MediCall911 - Bio/Chemical Terrorism Mobile Hospital & Surgery

MediCall911Medicall911™ is a mobile combination hospital with operating suite; mobile communications center with V-Sat interface and geo-coded telecommunications capability; mobile hazmat lab with radiation and bio-hazard capability; a mobile morgue with finger print identification interface; and dormitory for housing eight to ten medical personnel. This mobile center will be forty-four feet long with gas driven engine and two gas generators. The vehicle will carry two 110 gallon gas tanks and a 50 gallon fuel oil tank for cooking and sterilization.

This mobile hospital/command center can be used for terrorist events, natural disasters,
Infectious disease, military operations, criminal disobedience, food distribution, and general health care for remote locations. The medical center will have interchangeable modules to meet specific medical situations. The vehicle can also serve as a remote police station and mobile hazard insurance center for catastrophic events.

  • Mobile Hospital
  • Bio-Hazard Containment
  • Quarantine Station
  • Command Post
  • Communication Center
  • Mobile Dormitory
  • Mobile Morgue
  • Mobile Police Center

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Medical911 - Mobile Hospital And Surgery Vehicle