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OutReach911 - Wireless Geographic Interactive Notification System

OutReach911™ is an automated geo-coded outcalling type system that will communicate with responders, management, and the general public with real time feedback from all utilizing wireless ruggedized, waterproof, backlit, laptops that can be activated in the field utilizing a broadband national wireless network. The system will plug into any internet connection in the world and provide access to local customer maps and the entire communication data base for a municipality, county, or state government. The system has very sophisticated data sorting and filtering systems and can contact a user generated call list via up to thirteen communication delivery conveyances.

OutReach911™ has the capability to run multiple scenarios and multiple call bases which can be customized by the user. The system will also run scenario simulators to test emergency communication results and IVR generators to graphically map the real time responses of the population for evacuation compliance and damage assessment. The OutReach911™ system is the most reliable secure, robust and friendly system with real time graphical and text feedback available today.

  • Unlimited Data Layer Management
  • Multilayer Phone Systems
  • Thirteen Communication Interfaces
  • Custom Scenario Generator
  • Custom IVR Generator
  • Real-Time Graphical & Text Feedback

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