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RailTrak911 - Rail Trak Integrity Monitoring

RailTrak911RailTrak911™ is a rail track monitoring, breach location and notification system, using similar technology to the FloWatch911™ pipeline monitoring system where a signal is sent down the rail track to identify a breach and its location in time to stop the engine from derailing. A combination of astrophysics and wave guide technology is utilized along with other EMTEL proprietary technology to make this identification. Once the breach is detected and action is taken to stop the engine, the system will automatically notify rail road management and the general public if necessary.

A derailment in South Carolina recently cost the lives of fourteen residents who ran to the site of an overturned chlorine tanker. The RailTrak911™ could have called the entire resident neighborhood with alerts and information to evacuate away from the location of the wreck. The system provides real time feedback on all responder and public notification. Real time damage and injury assessment surveys can also be activated.

  • Rail Track Breach Detection
  • Automated Locomotive Stop
  • Railroad Management Notification
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