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StatComm911 - Real Time Status Reporting & Tracking System

StatComm911™ is an automated location and tracking system for responders and military personnel that will be able to log participants into the event, track them through the event and then log them out when the event is terminated. The system will track via a combination of GPS, Cell, Infrared and RF technologies depending on where the responder is at a particular time.

Panasonic TabletEMTEL is working on applying bio-metric sensors and providing bio-medical information on each individual in the event of an injury. The tracking templates have finger print recognition panels and swipe ID identifiers to validate and identify participants.

This new capability will provide event commanders with the current location and health of all of their people in the field. By connecting the participant locations on the map, a fire line, swat line, military engagement perimeter, etc., can be easily defined and will become dynamic as the participants move.

StatComm911™ tells you where they are, how they are, and where is the operation, in a real time graphical reporting mode.

  • Responder Location
  • Responder Real Time Tracking
  • Responder Health Options

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