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EMTEL NOCBorn from the Star Wars Missile Defense Program in 1999, the EMTEL founder and CEO assembled a team of rocket scientists, medical doctors and military software engineers, to solve the problem of emergency communications long before the nightmare of “911” became an American reality.

The hundred man-years of missile launch experience accumulated by the EMTEL team served as a constant reminder of the reliability levels necessary to sustain electronic systems running in hazardous operational arenas. Not only this reliability factor but the operational technology itself was not available to support emergency telecommunications of the magnitude and connectivity necessary to prevail in a “911” environment.

EMTEL designed an emergency management telecommunication model called RESPOND®; Respond to Emergency Situations, Prediction Of Natural Disasters. This RESPOND® model first addressed natural disasters and was later modified to address man-generated disasters and terrorist attacks. The RESPOND® model was divided into three development parts: Sensor and Detection Systems; Notification Development and Tracking Systems, and Information Delivery Systems.

Five years of research and development coupled with countless meetings with emergency managers and public safety officials resulted in the most sophisticated, integrated emergency notification system available. The multiple wireless geo-graphic and redundant front end computers coupled with the triple redundant integrated call center engines comprise the extremely reliable geo-coded notification system EMTEL calls OutReach911™. This map driven wireless, mobile, robust, friendly, affordable, fast and portable outcalling notification system is mounted on the Panasonic Tough Book Laptops to provide for the notification of responders or the general public from a vehicle anywhere, anytime. OutReach911™ is the foundation technology for RESPOND® which includes twenty-two other emergency telecommunication products.

The RESPOND® suite provides solutions for mitigation, operations and recovery processes and communications. The RESPOND® system provides information delivery on thirteen data/voice infrastructures with the push of one button. This solution provides more parallel communication technology than any other EM industry provider. EMTEL will soon provide targeted FM broadcast to single or thousands of FM receivers in a target area. Every phone communication provides real time feedback to the emergency manager in text and graphic representation on the ESRI map.

The multi-phone layer technology designed by EMTEL allows for real time overlay comparisons of related data such as a sexual offender base superimposed on the school system base to expedite proximity checks and dispatch police. The new EMTEL on-board simulators and interactive response generators allow for evacuation surveys and damage assessment in real time. Injured and/or special needs persons will be displayed on the map to expedite dispatch and rescue.

Reliability, Speed, Mobility, Diversity, Utility, Durability, Safety, Security, Integration and Versatility differentiate the RESPOND® product suite from any competition. Since the technology is Web based, locally based, and collaboration network based simultaneously, and runs on all communication backbones, it is truly a “Total Solution for Emergency Management Telecommunications”.


The EMTEL Network Operations Center (ENOC) serves as the research and design facility for the development, testing, validation, and real time testing of the RESPOND® suite of hazard sensor and emergency notification products and services. Not only does the ENOC have the capability to launch hundreds of emergency notification scenarios, but houses the R&D call center that supports communications for responders and the general public.

The ENOC houses 10 active online geo-spatial notification systems that can generate hundreds of emergency telecommunication scenarios simultaneously for out calling via various EMTEL call centers being strategically placed across the United States. Remote Call Centers will be networked and redundant to provide speed and reliability in performing the most important tasks associated with any emergency situation; high speed reliable communications on multiple infrastructures in parallel to maximize connectivity percentages and enhance speed of response from responders and the general public.

The ENOC will be able to generate an emergency communication from and to any target area In the United States utilizing national long distance circuits and the reliable broadband Verizon wireless internet services.