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EMTEL Emergency Management Telecommunications

EMTEL: innovative provider of leading edge emergency management telecommunication systems including hazard detection; automated responder and public notification; outcalling system; mitigation and recovery collaboration; and information delivery for government, military, public sector, public health, private sector and large corporate entities.

Please contact EMTEL for solutions to your Hazard Detection and Emergency Response and Public Notification Problems that are fast, reliable, efficient, mobile, wireless, and cost effective.

EMTEL's SchoolCall911 is the fastest, most reliable, integrated, and cost effective, Campus Emergency Notification System for students, teachers, employees, guests, responders and associated PS and EM agencies available today. CLICK HERE


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arrowEMTEL Wins Contract with FCC
The Federal Communications Commission in Washington DC, after comparing EMTEL’s technology for almost two years has selected OutReach911 and PyrAlert911 as the Emergency Notification System for all FCC regions. This new technology will be able to notify FCC operatives of any hazard anywhere. Activation Times will be from 5-22 seconds which is the fastest notification window available today. Premier SMS messaging activates in under 10 seconds.
arrowEMTEL Wins Contract with Seminole County Florida
EMTEL has been advised that after a six month evaluation, it has won the contract to provide emergency notification to Seminole County Florida. The system will include the new OutReach911 and PyrAlert911 software and new multi-redundant hosting and call center connectivity. The new system will provide EMTEL’s Premier SMS technology with the phone and other notification capabilities.
arrowEMTEL Wins Contract with Long Beach California
EMTEL has been awarded the contract with the City of Long Beach California to provide all emergency notification services for all elements of the City. New high speed communication engines in Nevada, Houston and Atlanta will support the City. EMTEL was considered for almost one year and was selected over numerous communication competitors. EMTEL will be implementing the system this quarter.
arrowNew EMTEL Call Center
EMTEL has merged capabilities with Prosodie Communications to provide the fastest emergency notification services available today. This new center will be available October 2009 and will have Blast Fax capability. All EMTEL customers will have access to this system.
arrowEMTEL Prepares to Release OutReach911 Version 2.0.
EMTEL has been delivering Version 1.0 for several years and has just finished a new larger and faster data base system to be deployed this month. Version 2.0 has numerous new features including multi-language selection, unlimited SIC and other identifier selectability, national district mapping, unique identifier targeting, expanded call center selection, and daily shape file updates. Version 2.0 will be provided at no charge to existing EMTEL customers.
HOTCOG Deployment Texas Largest State System
EMTEL has recently implemented the OutReach911™ system with the largest number of counties and cities integrated into one emergency notification consortium located in the State of Texas. This “Heart of Texas Council of Governments (HOTCOG)” system will call the responders and residents of one city or all 39 cities and counties simultaneously. For more information about this new integrated capability, please contact EMTEL below.
First National Emergency Notification System for Schools (SchoolCall911™)

EMTEL has won the contract and implemented the country’s first national education school emergency notification system for all 270,000 schools (K-20) on the same network for the US Department of Education. This is the largest original notification system in the country provide voice, text, pager, email, fax, and web documents to every school in the country with daily data updates. A national enrollment website has been connected to allow for personal registration.

EMTEL has just implemented its SchoolCall911™ campus emergency notification system on all four campuses of Brevard Community College. All campuses are widely separated, and all sirens are integrated to the same control system. Sirens, cell phones, pages, email, and many other options are available for this multi-campus system. The campus’ are connected to numerous call centers for speed and reliability.

US Army Selects EMTEL PyrAlert911™ Troop Notifcations
PyrAlert911™ is the choice of the US Army and is installed at both ARNORTH and USARSO in Texas. EMTEL is currently working to expand its military contracts with NASA, the Air Force, Department of Homeland Security, and numerous other federal agencies. EMTEL has just installed an operational call center which has fully interactive response capabilities with its partners at 4COM and CNI. This new server activates within 6 seconds after the notification button is pushed and provides responder and public status in less than 8 seconds after the responder enters IVR information. This new design will be the forerunner for interactive notification systems in the future. EMTEL will have 39 customers connected to this new switching technology.