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RemCon TrademarkEMTEL has formed the RESPOND® Emergency Management Consortium (REMCON™) A group of eighteen industry leaders to integrate and develop RESPOND® “A total integrated solution for Emergency Detection and Management Telecommunications”.
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American Signal Corporation

American Signal Corporation (ASC) manufactures warning siren (s) for use in community warning against tornado warning, storm warning, lightning warning, flood alerts, fire warning and more. ASC emergency alert system has been saving lives since 1942. ASC produces the best quality mechanical sirens, electronic sirens and the CompuLert Scada warning system.

The focus is on the important few minutes before the impact of disasters when responses can be taken to minimize damages to people and property. American Signal Corporation has also developed a complete solution to provide outdoor warning against a potential tsunami.

The EMTEL RESPOND® out calling engines will be able to activate the sirens and outdoor speaker systems with the press of one pre-programmed button of the PyrAlert911™ control panel. ASC will also provide internal intercom/paging capability activated by the EMTEL PyrAlert911™ and OutReach911™ hazard notification systems.

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Baker's Communications
Baker's Communications providing the design engineering for the FM radios that will have targeting capability and wake modules for high speed alerts. Baker is also engineering the FM alert activations for the Siren Systems and Fire Alert systems for Commercial Buildings and College Campuses.
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Cape Design Engineering (CDE) has designed the building for EMTEL for the Hazard Center of Excellence and has designed the sensor housing for the pipeline integrity program. CDE is a superior A&E company currently building and supporting launch pads at KSC and CCAFS. CDE will be designing EOC facilities and other structural support facilities as required.
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Creative Network Innovations (CNI) the EMTEL Call Center Partner runs and supports the EMTEL calling engines on a 24/7 basis. The call centers have backup power with batteries and diesel generators with redundant loops for reliability and expanded communication power as necessary.
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EDS will provide the new portable satellite backup systems that will support the wireless and land line internet interfaces along with Frame Relay to make the RESPOND® technology three times as reliable other technologies. EDS will also provide remote emergency management consoles for senior management or executive system control.
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ENSCO, Inc. is providing severe weather, hazardous chemical, bio-hazard, wild fire, radiation and other three dimensional Plume Modeling Systems for automated interface to the EMTEL OutReach911™ Revered 911 geo-graphical notification systems.
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EZENIA provides the mitigation, operations, and recovery secure collaboration network. This web based secure conferencing system provides data, voice, video, communications; a comprehensive chat and documentation facility; and electronic presentation and training environment; a responder profile library, and most importantly an OutReach911™ responder and public notification activation interface to secure CITRIX controlled interfaces. In other words, you can push a button in the conference room and notify 1000 responders or an entire community with real time feedback on every call.
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Florida Institute of Technology (FIT) is a partner in both the development of funding for the first Sensor and All Hazard Telecommunication Center of Excellence in the US. FIT has also teamed in the development of a new FM radio broadcast system that will notify the general public and college campus residents and visitors via all elements of the RESPOND® telecommunication suite.
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Greenwood & Hall

Greenwood & Hall The Call Center developed by this EMTEL partner will provide a notification capability of over One Million (1,000,000) Calls per Hour. This secure notification environment has complete power, data, and communication backup capabilities and is manned 24/7 to provide the support necessary for emergency communications. This center like other EMTEL facilities provides real time feedback on every phone call to identify health status, arrival times, critical stores, damage assessment, evacuation status, callee validation, and many other types of information. This data is displayed on a color coded spread sheet and graphically on a color coded map as the calls are being made.

This mega-center will service calls activated from the EMTEL mobile wireless system or the WEB based servers which back up every call and provide for world wide access to your local mapping system and all your associated emergency data.

Greenwood & Hall was founded in 1997 by Zan Greenwood and John Hall. With over 30 years of combined industry experience, the founders set out to build a company that would provide emergency managers and other customers with the call center capacity they needed as well as the most flexible and responsive support available in the industry. Greenwood & Hall through the RESPOND Emergency Management Consortium and EMTEL corporation has expanded its capabilities to siren activation, intercom, fire systems, public address systems, road signs messaging, and many more. Partnering with Greenwood & Hall has enhanced the capabilities of the OutReach911™ RESPOND® Emergency Notification System to be extremely fast and accurate to save lives and property where alternate solutions have failed.

. . .
Herley RSS
Herley-RSS a build to specification manufacturing expert, RSS has represented EMTEL on the international market for Pipeline Monitoring and Breach Notification Systems. RSS is capable of building any of the system interfaces and custom FEP modules necessary for activation of customer remote devices.
. . .
INFO USA is a valued partner providing geo-graphical phone base data for installation on the customer maps for automated callout by OutReach911™, automated mail by Automailer911™, automated web based notification via NetAlert911™ and integrated usage on several other of the EMTEL geo-spatial solutions. InfoUSA is a teaming partner on several federal government offerings.
. . .
Insight is a major IT solutions provider which provides EMTEL with all of the RESPOND® front end software and hardware that supports the RESPOND® technologies developed by EMTEL. Insight will be marketing the OutReach911™ systems nationally and providing IT maintenance and other services where necessary. Insight can provide 24/7 support for all of the systems it delivers.
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Intel provides the telephony, SQL, Collaboration, CITRIX, and the digital/analog cards to generate voice messages and other communication transfers. Intel has supported the RESPOND® development for several years and has been an integral part of the development successes enjoyed by EMTEL.
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Midland Radio is the manufacturer of the FM radio to be used for targeted notification. Midland is a large provider of NOAH weather radios and is capable of manufacturing quantities for a small village or large county installation. The EMTEL/Midland Radio will innovate emergency communications and provide responder and public notification in a power scarce environment.
. . .
Panasonic Industrial Company is providing ruggedized, waterproof, touch screen, wireless, back lit laptop computers that power the front end of the OutReach911™ RESPOND® emergency notification system. EMTEL also utilizes customized wireless tablets and PDAs to provide front line notification system activation.
. . .
Paracon is the Intel implementation solution provider delivering implemented Intel servers, server operating systems, system software, and software engineering development support.
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Thales Components Corporation
Thales Components Corporation is a major military contractor providing EMTEL with peer-to-peer radios and helicopter GPS mapping interfaces to identify the hazard perimeter and automatically call residents at risk. This real-time hazard locator will identify fire lines, chemical spills, flood planes, traffic hazards, pipe line breaches, and other hazards where peripheral boundaries are important to the notification and safety of residents.
. . .
Unisys Corporation
Unisys Corporation has the digital server technology to mount and run all of EMTEL RESPOND® solutions on mega-processors which not only provide partitioning, security, safety, reliability, and speed, but have the capacity to general millions of calls per hour in a networked environment.
. . .

Verizon provides many levels of support and has been involved with the EMTEL development for over five years. OutReach911™ utilizes the Verizon Wide Band Wireless cards to communicate with the internet to activate notifications. EMTEL utilizes national Verizon T1 and/or DS3 circuits to communicate providing standardize costs and national redundant connectivity. EMTEL will utilize Verizon Leasing to deliver government systems where applicable. EMTEL is working with Verizon Wireless to implement cell SMS Broadcast. EMTEL is teaming with Verizon affiliates to design and rollout new technologies.